I am passionate about sculpture and love the visual arts, so over the years I have acquired a large collection of original works by various artists. Our hotel is the perfect place to exhibit this unique selection of artwork and you can enjoy viewing the various sculptures and paintings both inside and outside in the grounds.

Our story is one of personal encounters with artists from all over the world who have spent time here at the Hotel Eikamper Höhe. While Rainer Gross from New York (www.rainergross.com) was here we became good friends and are delighted to add to our exceptional ambience with a display of his art.

When Rainer Kiel from Cologne  www.rainer-kiel.de  stayed at our hotel he was inspired to create a breathtaking hanging art sculpture made from recycling materials for our stairwell.

Further artistic highlights of our collection are the aesthetically pleasing counterlight portraits by Klaus Wohlmann www.klauswohlmann.com, some sand art by Elvira Bach www.elvira-bach.de and artistic works by Limandes Kratzer www.limandeskratzer.de.

We would be love to personally take you on a guided tour of the entire collection or treat you to a presentation of single items.